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Remote Diaphragm Seal Transmitters

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Remote Diaphragm Seal Transmitters

The APT3100LFS & APT3100LFC & LEC Flush & Extended Diaphragm Seal & Capillary Type Remote Pressure Transmitter is a micro processor-based high performance transmitter with flexible pressure calibration & output capabilities, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, configuration of various parameters and communication with HART protocol. HART communication can be Max 1.5Km in Multi-drop Mode, Max 15 Transmitters can be connected and communicated with Host. Application areas include: Measuring Pressure, Flow and Level.

Technical Specs

  • Flexible hydrostatic pressure head and transmitting liquid level Sensor input.
  • Output: 4~20mA (Analog), Digital Signals
  • High Accuracy: +-0.075% of Span (at 20'C)
  • Automatic Compensation of Ambient Temperature.
  • Programmable Parameters: Zero/Span, Fail-mode, Unit, Trim, etc.
  • Self Diagnostic Function: Sensor, A/D Converter, Memory, Power, etc.
  • Digital Communication with HART protocol, command.
  • Flame-Proof Approval options available.



About Us

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Saigon Industrial Service Joint Stock Company

With staff over 10 years experience in the supply, installation, processing, maintenance, repairing valves, pumps, electrical equipment and other equipment in oil & gas industry for domestic partners such as Petro Vietnam, Binh Son Refinery, PVGas, PTSC-M&C … and foreign partners as Ansaldo Energia - Power Generation Industry, Alco valve, VESL, MSD, MT Valve, Huyndai Valve, Cartec Sealing & Gasket …

Our workshop with almost certified tools, testing machine for the processing, manufacture, maintenance and repair the electrical and mechanical equipment . Therefore, the reliability and accuracy of our products are appreciated by domestic and foreign partner. Our experienced engineers and skilled workers have been serviced for Intel, Petro Vietnam, PTSC-MC, Binh Son Refinery, Mecong Energy, ... We are also a trustee representative for prestige and popularity servicing suppliers around the world as 3X-ENGINEERING, Ansaldo Energia, etc. So, we can bring the best services to our customers without going through any intermediary.

Saigon Industrial Service identified continuous improve, invest and innovate the technology to bring the best products and services to customers.

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